Now or later?

Left or right?

This or that?

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

And sorry I could not travel both

The Road Not Taken (Robert Frost)

A 18 year old lady sat down on the dental chair and look around, curious. I was unpacking my sterilized instruments and laying them down nicely.

“Why did you choose dentistry?” she asked.

I was taken aback.

You see, I’ve thought about this question again and again. If you would have asked me this question 4 years back, I can confidently give you an answer. However, ever since I started my course, I keep on questioning myself the same question.

“Why. Did. I. Choose. Dentistry?”

You see I believe in life you always have a choice. (Well, probably not in all situations but most of the time…)

The choice to do what you think is right at that moment

The choice to do the wrong thing when you know it is wrong

With all the choices, you are force to choose one that you think would benefit you the most.

And when you look back on those choices and decisions that you have made, you might feel regret, happy, or what-was-i-thinking kinda feeling.

Despite that, what has happened, happened.

We can only learn from it, reflect upon it. Better yet, take advantage from it.

I still don’t have the answer to that question.

“Why. Did. I. Choose. Dentistry?”

But, I decided to take full advantage and benefit beneath this confusions of mine, to learn and improve myself and help others the best that I could.

It has not been easy but I am really trying my best.

“You know what? I have been asking myself the same question and truthfully I don’t know.” Believe it or not, that was my answer to that 18 year old lady.

And she smiled back saying:

“Yeah, me too. I don’t know what I want to be.”


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